An Indie Biz: Keeping Things Fresh

One of the most important, albeit difficult, things for an indie biz is keeping your website alive with activity. Not only should we always be in a state of dreaming and crafting – we need to be using our creativity to make our virtual spaces fun and exciting. What’s the use of handcrafting that adorable new product if your new audience forgets to visit your .com? In the internet age, staying fresh and memorable is the key.

With all the talk of social media this, and Twitter that, it’s easy to get caught up in the new wave of marketing techniques, while forgetting the 21st century basic: your website. Many of your supporters will ‘like’ you on Facebook and follow you on Pinterest, but what about that new fan? If they’re new to virtual networking they may not be headed to the latest and greatest networking page. Instead, they’ll google you and land straight on your .com. That’s why it’s so important to regularly update your site.

Sure you can have fun new posts about your latest inspirations (that’s me to the ‘t!’) but are you changing your layout regularly? Are you enticing the reader to explore your pages? Are you uploading new buttons, photos, banners and other elements to captivate the viewer?

1. New banner 2. Updated buttons 3. New background

Years ago I learned the importance of these factors when I found myself addicted to visiting Pre-Facebook, Twitter, Ping and Reddit, web surfers had to find things on their own. There was no way of  “Stumbl[ing]upon” new content unless you dug it up yourself. That’s how my Diesel stalking began. Using interactive html, videos and flash drew me in as an audience. Visiting the url was an adventure waiting to happen. I would find myself checking in once every few weeks, or more, just to see how the site had morphed.

Now, when administering my own site, I remember the importance of keeping things new and relevant. I update my banner every 2 months, my background seasonally and change up my graphics on a regular basis. Sure, I’m always putting up a variety of posts, pictures and topics, but it’s the basic skeleton of my site that’s so important. The last thing I want is for a visitor to consciously (or subconsciously) dismiss my business because they find the visuals to be stale. It insinuates either a) lack of passion or b) ineptitude on my part. Both of these are reactions I don’t want – and neither should you!

Take your enthusiasm beyond your creations and really infuse your website with that same energy. Include interesting visual elements that further brand your product and entice your fan-base. You’ll find the powerful results in both your analytics and bottom line.


3 thoughts on “An Indie Biz: Keeping Things Fresh

  1. Pierogi Picnic says:

    I’ve used several hosts over the years – from FatCow to Big Daddy. I ended up moving everything to the WordPress blog I had as it allows for more fan interaction. So currently, WordPress is also my host. I transferred the domain rights here last year.

    I mention the consolidation in my Year in Review ( as it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made last year. I love how easy it is to update the site while making it interactive and informative.

    I highly recommend doing something similar!

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