An Indie Biz: Taking Count

In preparation for this fall’s festivals and shopper spike I spent part of the day doing inventory. This seemingly arduous task not only helps me prepare for fairs like Renegade, it also forces me to look back and see how my designs have evolved over the months. Sharp geometric cuts and draping fabrics have given way to more feminine shapes and lots of lace and print. My designs have also become more practical by showing less skin and embellishing  more on the details. 

Seeing what designs I currently have also helps me focus my efforts for August – traditionally my month for creating items in bulk. Each weekend I’ll set aside between 8-20 hours to sew sew sew. Knowing which designs will be my fall collection creates a priority list for creation: New designs first, popular designs second, classic items last.

Then there are the pieces that have been around a bit too long – or those I’ve tired of – that I can set aside for deep discounts. I plan on having a $10 and $20 dollar bargain bin at Renegade – so skirts, dresses, and tops I’d like to move out have already been set aside.

Now that the sewing action plan is in place I can spend my weeknights finalizing details like tagging, business cards, merchandising for the upcoming fairs. My ultimate goal: To have everything in place by the end of the month so I can actually enjoy the weeks leading up to the big R!


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