Signature Packaging: DIY Envelopes Tutorial

One of my ongoing goals with Pierogi Picnic is to make every part of my business  “beyond green.” Much like “beyond organic,” I want to go farther than expectations, beyond green washing and marketing ploys to really reduce waste, reuse materials, and do it in style.

One of my all-time favorite ways to do this is hand craft mailers out of used cereal boxes. This was one of my first Pierogi Picnic innovations when I got started in 2008. The tutorial below will show you how you too can make these fun packaging pieces using leftover cereal containers you may have stashed in your cupboard.

cereal-1Step 1:     Flatten out your cereal box

cereal-2Step 2:     Cut across one crease of the box.

cereal-3Step 3: Flip the box inside out.

cereal-4Step 4: Cut off all flaps but one.

cereal-5Step 5: Make two diagonal cuts on each side of the remaining flap.


Step 6: Using a zig-zag stitch sew around the box, leaving an opening beneath the flap. If you don’t have a sewing machine, use clear packing tape.


You can decorate the outside of your  mailing envelope with stencils, stamps, or a collage. Then, all you need to do is fill it, stick some stamps on it, and send it on it’s way!

Do you have another upcycled packing container idea? Share it below!


One thought on “Signature Packaging: DIY Envelopes Tutorial

  1. calliegarp says:

    This is a *great* tutorial! I’m looking for better ways to keep my new fine art business as eco-friendly and local as possible. It doesn’t get much more local than my own kitchen!

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