Hat Obsession Incarnate: Go Ask Alice

I am, have been, and will always be obsessed with hats!

There’s something about snuggling your noggin in a soft, warm and cozy cover that makes the arrival of cold temps just a hint more bearable. I have a whole collection of soft fuzzy hats with ears, elegant hats with fanciful trim, impractical vintage pillbox hats with netting, and the classic ear flap hats for just keeping out the cold.

It’s also no secret that I have a slight obsession with bows. After designing a bow-laden slouch hat for myself last winter and receiving endless compliments, I’ve created a handful for my Etsy.

The idea was to take vintage knitted pieces and add big contrasting bows across the side – creating a functional yet whimsical feel to the set. With this in mind naming the new collection was easy. Bows combined with the 60s feel made me want to pay tribute to that ever infamous song by Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit. So to liven up the look of your frozen self this winter, I introduce the “Go Ask Alice” hats.


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