Inspiration: Anthropologie

We all have our guilty little pleasures. For my husband it’s sneaking in a freshly baked cupcake before work. For my eldest dog, Peanut, it’s pretending to be asleep to evade his 7am walk. Whatever the indulgence, there’s one that I can no longer deny: Anthro stalking.

Sure, I can say that I just walk by and admire their window displays, or go in from time to time just to peruse their sale racks, but who am I kidding?! My sole purpose for going in many a visit is to fill my lungs with whimsy and inspiration. Much of the applause is due to the visual merch team. Both Anthro and Urban (who are owned by the same peeps who bring us Free People) know that their clientele has a weakness for rustic yet romantic handmade visual displays. It’s how they sucker many of us in in the first place!

So on a recent visit with my beau, brother and soon to be sister-in-law, I put my apprehensions away at facing this love affair and began to snap snap and snap photos of their gorgeous, breath-taking displays. Continue reading


Inspiration: Suitcase Dresser

One of my goals this month is to re-organize my studio to make fabrics easier to find and to ‘unclog’ the creative block messiness encourages.

So I’ve been hunting for ways to do so while keeping things green and aesthetically inspiring. That’s why I fell in love when I found this suitcase dresser! Easy enough to make on your own – this idea take vintage luggage and transforms it into a utilitarian designer’s dream! I don’t have the space to make something like this now – but I am keeping it in mind should I ever decide to do away with my current dresser.

Hat Obsession Incarnate: Go Ask Alice

I am, have been, and will always be obsessed with hats!

There’s something about snuggling your noggin in a soft, warm and cozy cover that makes the arrival of cold temps just a hint more bearable. I have a whole collection of soft fuzzy hats with ears, elegant hats with fanciful trim, impractical vintage pillbox hats with netting, and the classic ear flap hats for just keeping out the cold.

It’s also no secret that I have a slight obsession with bows. After designing a bow-laden slouch hat for myself last winter and receiving endless compliments, I’ve created a handful for my Etsy. Continue reading