Inspirations: NYC

David and I moved back to Chicago from the Big Apple back in 2006 and not one week goes by when we don’t hearken to the NYC days in a conversation, comment, or day dream. So we decided to use this past Columbus day weekend for a quick roadtrip to the East Coast and the timing couldn’t be better as I was finding myself in a slight rut.

There’s something about visiting New York that refreshes my spirit. The hustling pace, condensed space, and street style make it the perfect destination for refocusing my creative energy. My visual senses are always on overdrive when walking the streets of Greenwhich Village, St. Marks, Soho and Williamsburg. With a little notebook in hand I was taking notes – looking at what people were wearing and what made it distinct. I always joke that New York is about 2 years ahead of the rest of the US when it comes to fashion and trends – so I was diligently studying up.

But the whole trip wasn’t just about studying up on style – we spent the rest of our time visiting with old friends, filling up on delicious gourmet food, and doing lots and lots of walking – uptown, downtown, Chelsea, Union Square, Little Italy, the Bowery, Central Park and all over Brooklyn. We noshed at Food Swings, Yaffas, Magnolias, Cafe Angeliques and also found some new favorites, like the General Store Cafe in DUMBO and a quaint Italian restaurant in the gallery district.

The morning of our drive home we detoured to Jones Beach in Long Island take a quick look at the ocean – and I couldn’t stop myself from jumping into the frothy waves fully clothed. The locals must have smirked up a storm as this petite Chicagoan went crashing through salty waves in her high waisted skirt and printed tee. But life’s about grabbing the moment by the rings and pulling yourself in – and that’s exactly what we did!


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