Staying Inspired – 11 Tips


"Keep it Easy" by Laura George


These past few weeks have been a real whirlwind between my day job and Pierogi Picnic. Renegade took months of preparation but paid off by encouraging and inspiring me in totally new ways – so the trade off worked. But September was rough on my Etsy and this weekend’s show was a bit ‘wha wha’. What normally is one of my best months of the year was a total bust this time around.

At the show I had the chance to connect with other artists and share similar thoughts about the unpredictability of crafty businesses. One week your up – the next your down – but staying inspired is a daunting task when juggling day to day life, work, and a creative biz. So here are my tips for turning things up when they’re looking south:

1) Experiment.

When I start feeling discouraged I give myself room to experiment. If what’s up now is not working, then it’s time to try something new. Explore a new texture, design, concept and temporarily break free from the business mold. So I started on a deep maroon blazer made from an old men’s sweatshirt – and the pressure-less creation flow boosted my endorphins.


"Sunshine Friend" by Laura George


2) Take a trip.

David and I will be heading to New York soon to take a much needed break from the daily grind. Though it will mostly be a gastronomic vacation – I’m looking forward to scoping out some street trends from the Big Apple and finding inspiration in our nation’s fashion capital.

3) Go for a stroll.

Nothing clears my mind like a long stroll along the lake on a brisk fall day. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure. Suck it up and bundle yourself for a walk that will put things in perspective.

4) Get together with friends.

Grab a coffee or check out that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Sometimes all we really need is some major pow-wow time with a close friend to re-energize our outlook.

5) Redecorate your workspace.

I picked up some amazing Laure George prints by Laura Berger over the weekend and will be putting them up in both my studio and office to cheer things up!

6) Make a list.

Grab a pen and notepad and jot down the original reasons you started an indie biz in the first place.


"Stress Relief" by Laura George


7) Shake your groove thing.

Sometimes all we need to do is loosen up! The best way is with a non-discerning friend and a good 80’s record!

8 ) Eat a cupcake.

Need I say more here?

9) Bike 10 miles.

Wind yourself and you’ll be thankful for lungs, fresh air, and the ability to roll through the city.

10) Cuddle a furball.

Feeling down? Visit a shelter and cheer up a homeless critter.

11) Finally – center yourself spiritually.

For me the most healing thing is prayer. So do it on your own or find a soul sister and get personal!


"Power Off" by Laura George



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