About Us

Hello – it’s so nice to meet you!


I’m just a gal living in Chicago where I’m determined to lead a faith-filled, budget-friendly, joyful, and compassionate life. I create, I sing, I explore, and I sometimes cackle. I am an animal advocate, community builder, and the woman behind (now retired) eco-friendly clothing line Pierogi Picnic. I spend my weekdays leading the volunteer and education teams at Chicago’s oldest and largest humane society, while my free time is filled with puddle stomping, coffee sipping, and farmer’s market strolling. My greatest joys in life are exploring the world with my son, snuggling my furry rescues, serving at church, and growing in my walk with God.

It’s all about loving, living, and giving.

I started this blog back in 2008 as an offshoot of the green-living guide Sprout Chicago. This site was meant to capture my adventures running an eco-friendly indie biz. When it launched, the blog became my space to share living tips, craft tutorials, business advice, and all the fun little things in between. In it’s current incarnation, Shiny Happy People aims to be a lifestyle blog that shares the ups and downs, ins and outs, and the roller coaster that is my goofy and unconventional life. I want to tell you all about the adventures of motherhood and city-living, how I’ve been learning to live simply, how to choose to love and give back, and much much more. I also recently, and very suddenly, became a single mama after 10 years of marriage and want to share that journey as well. I want to use this space to reveal a piece of myself, while also highlighting all the awesome people, places, and things that make the beautiful city of Chicago go round.

Thank you for joining me for this ride!