Keeping Things Cool

Feet photo by Lydia KrupinskiI don’t know about your neck of the woods – but things have been quite steamy here in Chicago the past few days. We’ve been bouncing between thunder storms and high temps – making it not only sweltering, but stuffy as well!

So how do you keep cool without the help of an energy-sucking, heat producing air conditioner? Here are some ideas:

Bust out the ice. Seems simple enough – but keeping a tray of ice cubes at the ready is not just a good idea for a late-afternoon lemonade. Try filling a bowl with the oh-so-cool cubes and placing them in front of a fan. You’ll find yourself lounging in a cool breeze in no time!

water photo by Lydia KrupinskiStay hydrated. It goes without saying that making sure you’re getting loads of water will help your body feel better overall. But especially in summer months when the temps are up and your body’s a perspiration machine – you’ll need extra H2O to make sure you have what you need to stay cool.

Freeze some fruit. A great mid-day snack, freezing some watermelon, strawberries or other in-season treat is a great and tasty way to cool things down.

Dress to impress. And do it in light-weight, airy natural fibers. I’m a big proponent of cotton, but anything that will allow a loose fit and sweat absorption will help you stay comfortable. And to help you sleep through a hot night – make sure all your bed gear is made of natural materials too!

strawberry photo by Lydia Krupinski

Don’t say it – spray it. Invest in a classy, glass-made spray bottle and use it to mist yourself throughout the day. Not only will this help cool you down, the added moisture will soothe your sun-chapped skin too! This is also a good tip for keeping plants and pets happy on those hot days.

Make it minty. The effervescence of mint makes it an ideal summer ingredient in everything from soap to snacks. Try adding it to your next meal or purchasing items from your local farmer’s market that utilize this wondrous herb.

Go off the grid. Don’t forget that appliances like computers, light bulbs and dishwashers, create heat. Go off the grid on super hot days and you’ll find that you can drastically reduce the temperature inside your home.

Tone things down. There’s a reason we call them the lazy days of summer. Take a tip from your pets and slow down your activities and rest. Read a book, start a journal, lounge about. Staying still and sprawling out is the easiest way to keep higher body temps at bay.peanut photo by Lydia Krupinski


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