DIY: Cozy Sweater Bracelets

I’m always looking for quick easy ways to update my wardrobe. Whether it’s with layering, belting or accessorizing – there are so many methods for updating an outfit for a whole new look.

By far my favorite tactic is giving ‘fashion facelifts’ to already owned objects. Recently I updated a set of bracelets into cozy looking winter bangles using sweater scraps from a recent sewing project. Super easy to make and ultra cute – these fun seasonal accessories are a breeze to create. Try making one for yourself, or as a holiday gift, using this four step tutorial:

Supplies: Scissors, embroidery needle, embroidery floss, sweater fabric scraps, bracelets

Step 1: Cut out a strip of fabric that’s twice the width of your bracelet

Step 2: Wrap the two long ends of your fabric around the bangle and begin sewing them together. I recommend using a lock stitch. 

Step 3: Once you’ve sewn the fabric around the entire diameter, sew the circle shut by joining the final pieces and create a solid knot.

Step 4: Trim access fabric and twist seam so it is on the inside of the bracelet.

Wallah! That’s it!  A quick and easy way to update a tired accessory using materials you already have in your home. And after you’ve worn your bangles and are ready for yet another change – consider wrapping them with a new fabric or cutting the fibers off altogether! The possibilities are really endless.


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