An Indie Biz: Catching Up

There’s nothing quite like living each summer day to the fullest. The trouble comes when sunshine, lazy days and the heat interrupt our daily disciplines. Between weekend events, visiting with friends and cuddling with cute bugs like Peanut (photographed above) it seems that July slipped away without warning. So now  Renegade is less than 30 days away and I have lots and lots of work to be done!

So this coming week I am setting aside the pleasures of the season to dedicate my time to sewing and planning and some more sewing! I hope to keep you updated on my progress via the Pierogi Picnic Facebook page. My goal is to make 15-20 pieces a day while finishing up my new sign, clothing racks and maybe sneaking in a couple fabric experiments.

Here’s to drowning myself in fabric for the next five days! Wish me luck!!!


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