Item of the Week: Point Out The Way

I first reported on the emerging trend of mullet hems last year. Since then it seems the style of high-low hems has exploded as dresses, tops, and skirts all don the assymetrical dip. I have always been a fan of the style and am happy to see it hitting the mainstream. So when choosing my “Item of the Week,” it seemed natural to feature my new “Point Out the Way” tunic.

Handmade from a pre-loved men’s t-shirt, this edgy design features a lengthier back hem that’s cut to a point and a front that’s raised in a ‘v.’ The back also has a lovely geometric cut that brings a touch of grace to an otherwise sporty look. And with the tie at the neck it makes adjusting the fit super easy. Keep an eye out in my Etsy shop for more of these tops in various hues.


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