Item of the Week: Urban Folk Tunic

It really doesn’t matter how tall, small, curvy or lean you are – tunics are a girl’s best friend! They elongate our torsos while covering our bums. What more could you ask for? Whether with tight jeans, a skirt or cutesy shorts, you can do no wrong with a lengthy tunic.

The Urban Folk design brings together this flattering shape with one of my favorite natural images: bare tree branches. I use a deconstructed t-shirt and hand-pull the print across the soft cotton. I then sew the shape and seams, creating an external gathered hem which gives just enough volume to bring an edge to an otherwise soft shape. The concept also gives the wearer a cinch at the waist without making them feel constricted anywhere else.

So when looking for a flattering, edgy, yet comfortable (yes – it’s possible!) piece, the Urban Folk Tunic is a three-in-one dream come true!


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