Inspiration: Duo Tone Hair

Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm Chicago weather – but I feel like I’m in need of some spring reinvention prematurely!

Back in late December I went to an Aveda salon to get asymmetrical ‘melted’ highlights and am loving the look. The plan is to eventually start playing with the blonde/caramel pieces by adding some manic panic electric hues.

And since hair is on my brain I wanted to share this adorable look that I happened upon on Pinterest. I love the stark contrasts of the two shades and may venture down this path at some point. For now I’ll rock my current do but will keep this bi-polar one in mind for the future.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Duo Tone Hair

  1. Pierogi Picnic says:

    I’m so done with my melted highlights – and am itching to go back to black too! It’s too risky though. If I change my mind is too difficult to strip. But this look is like the best of both worlds!

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