DIY: Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

As we are all busy running about trying to find the perfect handmade gifts for the season – many of us forget an essential – gift wrapping!

To keep you from procrastinating, and purchasing that gaudy roll of wrap that’s strategically placed at the register end cap, create your action plan now with these great easy-to-make alternatives.

Newspaper – If you’re looking for something cheap and chic, newspaper is the best way to go. The high contrast black and white will give your gifts an elegant look with a rustic edge. For some great suggestions on how to best use this upcycled material check out Design Apothecary’s article here.

Paper Bags  – If you ever take a spontaneous trip to the grocer and are (gasp!) caught without your reusable shopping bags – never fear! Those old-fashioned paper bags can be put to use! The stock of paper that’s used for your average grocery sack lends itself perfectly for wrapping gifts. Check out this awesome post from My Home Ideas for some great tips on using this everyday item.

Fabric – If you’re a sewing maniac like me you have tons of fabric scraps littering your studio. Don’t let those bits go to waste – put them to work as textile-tastic gift wrap!  If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this awesome guide to making your own hand painted fabric wrap at Re-Nest.

Maps – Think geography next time your wrapping a gift! Maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference materials also make great tools for concealing your presents.

For some simple and chic ways to use these papers, check out none other than the Martha Stewart website for more inspiration.

Candy  – Who doesn’t love a sugary snack this time of year? So why not make that candy more than just a quick energy boost? Try using wrapped candies, cookies and pop corn as cushioning for more fragile gifts. Are you gifting a handmade coffee mug? Pop it in a box filled with loose coffee beans! Have a ring your bestowing? Throw it in amoungst rock candy to make it really sparkle! There’s tons of ways to give your gifts an extra pop while keeping them safe in their wrappings. Check more fun ideas from Design Apothecary here.

Do you have a favorite way to wrap gifts that’s elegant yet sustainable this season? Share you suggestions with us below!


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