An Indie Biz: Sewing Process

The beginning stages of design are what get your creative juices flowing. But once you’ve worked out the kinks of a new form and how it’s constructed the true thrill lies in bringing that idea to life!

Lately I’ve been really inspired by old fashioned Victorian shapes. I spent all of July sketching new ensembles that would pull from the ideas of the era while remaining fresh and modern. It’s not just the lace that draws me in – it’s also the layers and volume found in the outfits from the period. Bringing the aesthetic into the current century with an indie twist was my main goal.

So first I started out with a set of 2 men’s t-shirts in varying shades of red. I cut and snipped each into the sections that would later be sewn together to create a shift dress embellished with an asymmetrical bustle.

After sewing the gradient of geometric layers together I stitched the bottom portion of the dress, adding elastic around the top edge to create a cinch at the waist. Then I attached the bustle to the right hip before bringing together the top of the piece.

The result is one of my favorite new Pierogi Picnic designs! A practical cotton dress with just the right zing to give it a whimsical and chic feel. The only thing left to do is come up with a unique name for the design. What would you call it?


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