An Indie Biz: Expediting Process

Renegade sucked me dry of a lot of merchandise – which is an amazing thing! It also allowed me  to interface with fans and hear their preferences first hand. One invaluable thing I learned was seeing which styles, designs, sizes, and colors do best when presented in person.

Armed with this knowledge I started sewing again this week to build my inventory up for what has historically been my busiest online month – October. With a stack of 10-12 items made in a manner of days my biggest challenge has become whether or not to host a modeling shoot to display the items. The 50/50 show is the weekend of the 1st so it doesn’t make sense to go through the trouble – only to have the merchandise sell (I hope).

So yesterday in the middle of sewing madness I stopped and thought to myself, “These designs have already been photographed in several shades and sizes – why not take some killer closeups and use these already shot model photos for design examples?” So I jumped to my feet and started snapping. I used a vintage stepstool (hey – my ceiling are tall and I’m teeny) with some nice texture and laid my new creations across it next to a window – and whalah! Instant professional lighting, interesting background, and speed! Now I think I may have spoiled myself as I’ll be tempted to do all of my photo shoots this way. But the time and trouble it takes to get each item of clothing onto my model friends makes it well worth it in an average season. So my great expedited photog experiment is now underway and I’m curious to think what the online community will have to say!


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