Renegade Prep #1: GIY Kits

It was just one year ago that I was on my epic road trip west sewing little hair flowers while driving for thousands of miles with David. How in the world did I get everything ready for Renegade? It was my first time ever doing a craft fair, and I decided to take a four week long vacation just the month prior? I must have been mad. And I might have well been considering the copious amounts of sleepless hours I sewed, and glued, and printed the week before the show.

We learn from our mistakes – or at least so it seems thus far. I’ve started well in advance for 2010 – sewing since July and merchandising since August. There’s tags to print, business cards to order, clothing to price, and inventory sheets to prepare. This on top of continuing my prep for the holidays.

One of many new ideas I’ll share for this year’s fair is pocket sized inexpensive items. Sure – there’s hundreds of thousands of affordable handmade goodies at the festival – but few actually encourage the customer to DIY. That’s where my new lil’ GIY kits come into place! I wanted to make something that would inspire someone to make one of my items themselves. The first kit is for my classic flower bud hair clips. So I drafted a simple print out that I could cut and fold which would include supplies, instructions, and a shameless plug for my GIY craft series at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

I also scored an incredible accessories hook from a rummage sale that I’ll be whitewashing and using for the display of these tiny kits. The pricepoint will be low (I’m thinking $6) as to entice the wary fair shopper to give it one last purchasing go.

I’ll be picking up ink for my laser printer tomorrow and will be printing and folding away this weekend.


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