Item of the Week: Season’s Greetings

Handmade holiday dress: Pierogi Picnic indie urban fashion

A month or so ago I was thinking to myself, “Hmmmm – the holidays are at hand and I want to make a fun festive dress that’s practical and affordable.” Like all of you, I knew my budget would be stretched with holiday shopping, tree dressing and other expenses. So my goal was to create a simple design that would result in a lower price tag and the “Season’s Greetings” dress is just that!

Making it’s debut at the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair – this fun and flattering frock is made using vintage linens and pre-loved women’s shirts and carries a reasonable price tag of only $36. The long-sleeved tops keep the wearer nice and toasty without compromising on style. Plus – the elastic high waist gives each dress a fancy shmancy finish that creates a beautiful bell-like shape when worn. I only have a handful of these cute pieces left, ranging from green and black to gold and grey. Great for wearing to your upcoming holiday parties, check out the remaining pieces here.


DIY: Bibliophile Wreath

Tis the season for cozying up your place for the holidays – and what better way to do it then with a little elbow grease and upcycled materials?!

One of my recent favorite DIY projects is making ultra modern wreaths using the pages of tattered books. These easy to make decor items add some cheer to your pad but are super easy to make! You can experiment with different colors and textures of book paper as well as shapes and designs for the wreath pattern. To see how I made my set of three take a peek at the Eco Etsy tutorial I created here.

Once you’ve tried your hand at them snap a pic and send me the link! I’d love to see how yours turn out.