Starved Rock Babymoon

Pierogi Picnic: Starved Rock Babymoon

Things have been really quiet on the Pierogi Picnic website as of late as we eagerly prepare for the arrival of our very first little bundle. Between battling all-day-sickness, doctors visits, and nesting, we’ve been quite the busy bees these last six months – which is exactly why it was high-time to get away and recharge. So this past weekend David and I embarked on a low-key babymoon.

Pierogi Picnic: Starved Rock BabymoonWhat’s a babymoon? It’s the latest trend in pregnancy, encouraging the parents-to-be to get away one final time as a twosome before the babe’s arrival. When planning our getaway we knew we wanted it to be as close to home as possible, while still allowing ourselves to be immersed in nature and the outdoors. And with it being October – camping was off the list – so the choice was easy: Starved Rock State Park.

Nestled between miles of farmland and the Illinois River, Starved Rock was the perfect place for us to get out for some fresh air while disconnecting from all the hub-bub of home. Less than a two hour drive from Chicago, this picturesque preserve was one of the nation’s first sanctioned national parks, adding a rich history to the already spectacular forests and cliffs of the region.

Pierogi Picnic: Starved Rock BabymoonWith the confetti like fall foliage, deep earthy smells, serene visage and winding trails, we were able to hike all our anxieties about the coming bebe away. Having the opportunity to slow down and reflect on this coming new chapter, all while surrounded by the gold and amber hues of the changing season, was the best possible way for us to celebrate and prepare for our little human.

So should you be in Chicago, and looking for a way to at once connect with nature and unwind, let me be the first to recommend Starved Rock and all its glory. You won’t be disappointed!

Pierogi Picnic: Starved Rock Babymoon


Sleepless in Seattle: Lil’ Vacation

Katy in her rad outfit.

The title of this post is not meant to be entirely tongue n cheek.

My closest friends and I embarked on a reunion this past week with Seattle as our stomping grounds. We had the joy and privilege to stay on a super rustic house boat that left me rockin’ till today – literally. I find myself with a mean case of vertigo and dark undereye circles…surely signs that I had a great trip!

Seattle took my breath away. The cozy neighborhoods, combined with the ever-flowing supplies of locally roasted coffee, gave me a fuzzy buzz worth gushing over. The slanted streets were filled with plaid-adorned citizenry, vintage boutiques, thrift shops, organic grocers, vegetarian restaurants and more!

Here’s a sneak peak at my favorite finds and the gals behind the times on my Flickr!