Inspiration: Via Pinterest


“Whenever I’m feeling down, la la la, whenever I’m feeling blue, la la la, all I have to do – is just think of you!

Or, at the very least, all I need to do is take a trip to some of my favorite Pinterest boards to collect visual trinkets that will continue to inspire me – whether in the bitter cold of winter or sticky sweetness of summer. 

Do you have a Pinterest board filled with goodies to motivate, enthuse and inspire? If so – share a link to it in the comments below! 


Every Day is Earth Day!

It’s official – today is the day. Today is Earth day! But rather than focus on all the things we aren’t doing – what about keeping things positive and listing everything you are already doing to live consciously?

Share in the comments below the changes you’ve made in your lifestyle this past year.

And don’t just limit it to tactile things like changing thermostats and using fabric shopping bags. Include how you’re attitudes and viewpoints have evolved and how you’ve grown in your understanding of stewardship and responsible living.