Press: Chicago Sun Times

Guess who made a surprise pit stop by the Pierogi Picnic booth at the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend? Apparently a photographer from the Chicago Sun-Times!

Imagine my surprise when a friend emailed me a link to their coverage of the event! My new “Point of Light” upcycled ruffle dress takes center stage in the featured picture. I’m stoked, and I hope you are too!¬†Who could ask for better press?!

Take a look at the full photo spread here.


DIY: Frame Facelift

If it hasn’t become obvious in photos of my home and show booths – I have a love of mis-matched wooden frames. They are so versatile and can be used for so many things beyond showing off family pics.

My latest endeavor, with a set that I scooped up at Salvation Army, was to use them for an inspiration board for my studio. I wanted something above my desk that was pseudo shabby chic but still functional.
So I dismantled the frames, coated them with white gesso (that’s what happens when you share a studio with your painter/husband!) and then filled them with glass, cork, lace or both! Now I have plenty of space to pin fabric, photos and drawings while keeping tabs on orders and ‘to-dos.’

So next time you’re at a flea market or thrift store – look beyond the gaudy prints in those frames – and transform them into something chic and utilitarian instead!

Product Photos: Let There Be Light!

When first starting my Etsy shop creating product photos was thee most difficult task in my quest to bring my handmade clothes to the masses. Having received my Bachelors in Film Production I knew a thing or two about lighting and set design but little about practical retail photography. So the experimentation commenced and years later I am more than content with the results – I am downright beaming with pride. Using the most minimal resources I have found a way to take a striking pic that captures the viewers attention while flattering the garments. Here are the tid bits that I have learned over the years.

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