DIY: Frame Facelift

If it hasn’t become obvious in photos of my home and show booths – I have a love of mis-matched wooden frames. They are so versatile and can be used for so many things beyond showing off family pics.

My latest endeavor, with a set that I scooped up at Salvation Army, was to use them for an inspiration board for my studio. I wanted something above my desk that was pseudo shabby chic but still functional.
So I dismantled the frames, coated them with white gesso (that’s what happens when you share a studio with your painter/husband!) and then filled them with glass, cork, lace or both! Now I have plenty of space to pin fabric, photos and drawings while keeping tabs on orders and ‘to-dos.’

So next time you’re at a flea market or thrift store – look beyond the gaudy prints in those frames – and transform them into something chic and utilitarian instead!


Inspiration: Suitcase Dresser

One of my goals this month is to re-organize my studio to make fabrics easier to find and to ‘unclog’ the creative block messiness encourages.

So I’ve been hunting for ways to do so while keeping things green and aesthetically inspiring. That’s why I fell in love when I found this suitcase dresser! Easy enough to make on your own – this idea take vintage luggage and transforms it into a utilitarian designer’s dream! I don’t have the space to make something like this now – but I am keeping it in mind should I ever decide to do away with my current dresser.

Inspiration: Colorful Crate Storage

I am just gushing over the form, function and style of this fun entryway made completely of wood storage crates!

I have already been collecting salvaged boxes like these with the help of friends. But seeing them in action at home (and not just for lugging merchandise to shows) I have had a mega dose of inspiration. Thanks to the photo above I will be converting my current studio storage to a crate system that will be customizable, eco-friendly and unique!

Hats off to Apartment Therapy for posting the pic that inspired my future super storage! Once my project’s complete I will be sure to share the photos here.