Item of the Week: No Sweat

I love love love fall! The leaves are shifting hues, the air is crisp and cool and it’s the perfect time of year for layering up in cozy clothes! So when thinking of which design to feature this week, the choice seemed easy: My handmade No Sweat cowl tops! These uber comfy sweaters are upcycled from oversized sweatshirts – giving each piece a green spin and soft feel.

Mixing an edgy shape with the casual feel of cotton fleece makes each piece utilitarian yet comfy. And with the oversized turtleneck and lacy touch – it has just enough class to make it wearable to work! Great with skinny jeans and boots or a pencil skirt and leggings – this is one of my favorite designs for the season!


Item of the Week: No Sweat

I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. Sure it’s a time to reflect on new beginnings, watch the flowers grow and the like. But the season also brings flirtations of warmer weather, just to plunge us back into cool mornings and nights. That’s why when picking this week’s featured item I instantly thought of the “no sweat” design.

Handmade from thrifted men’s sweatshirts, these cozy tops have a warm fleecy exterior but have a loose cut that allows for a comfy feel.  The “no sweat” piece has a perfect balance of style and function – making it a design that can be utilized in this season or the next.

Item of the Week: Sir Cycle

Spring is in full swing in Chicago – which can only mean one thing – nutty weather! That’s why having lots of layer-ables is key in the windy city this time of year. The Sir Cycle design was created with this kind of versatility in mind.

I crafted this particular men’s cut after receiving a convo from a Pierogi Picnic fan, asking if I had any hooded sweatshirts for guys, which I didn’t. She specifically wanted something that her boyfriend could wear while biking – which meant it would have to be comfortable, convertible and warm – all at once.

And that’s how the “Sir Cycle” design was born! With her help, I crafted a soft yet stretchy men’s piece that can be used with a hood, cowl, or none of the above when unbuttoned. It’s now one of my favorite pieces to custom create, and my own biking hubby can attest to it’s style and function.