About: What’s in a Model?

Pierogi Picnic: Everyday Models

I’ll never forget the scene. It was 2011 and Pierogi Picnic was really up and kickin’. I was in the midst of preparing for a huge show, had lots of orders coming in off of Etsy, and press to match. And then that phone call came. The one that you never think will really happen to you – it’s just something you read off some crafter-gone-pro’s website.

But then it happens. You’re invited to participate in a huge, whirlwind, opportunity-of-your-dreams. There will be press, runways, news cams, hundreds of thousands of people, a stage and more.

The business manager in you kicks in and you ask the big questions. And you get the answers.

So what does a gal like me do in this situation? I decline. Continue reading


Meet the Models: Simone

I made a promise to myself years ago when first starting Pierogi Picnic: I would only use real men and women for photo shoots. What the heck does that mean? I was tired of seeing towering and emaciated, uber airbrushed images of people in ads and photos. So I decided I would change the name of the game – at least in my own little corner of the apparel universe. I vowed that I would only use everyday people in my pics. People who are beautiful inside and out, who don’t ‘pose’ professionally and who come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And I continue in that tradition today! Continue reading

Meet the Models: Chella

Meet Chella! This Chi-town girl is not just a pretty face. Working as a technician and trainer for Apple (yes the super duper tech giant), Chella gets her geek on while still remaining real.

While playing with the latest Mac gadget has it’s quirks, Chella’s real passion is photography. Having graduated from Columbia with a BFA in photography, Chella loves the creative license found in setting lights and creating scenes. And just in case her photography career doesn’t launch the way she hopes? Chella’s okay. Her backup plan? Joining a roller derby team or becoming a burlesque dancer.

In addition to her inner artist and techie, Chella is also an avid crafter who finds release in making things by hand. Currently she has been busting out her knitting skills making scarves while also baking cookies for her soon to be sugar-comatose boyfriend Eric. Her love of baking must be in her genes – she reflects fondly of her grandma’s “kifli” – a croissant-like bread stuffed with fresh feta cheese. Her ethnic roots, combined with her tech-savvy and pretty tough girl persona, make Chella a welcome addition to the Pierogi Picnic model lineup.

Welcome again Chella!

Meet the Models: Jared

Jared migrated to Chicago from a small town in Ohio and now thrives in this new metropolis he calls home. A gifted painter, his ghostly creations infuse viewers with both curiosity and wonder as they gaze through a fog of paint where faces peer out from under the surface. Jared’s stunning art defies his cool and friendly demeanor.

Infinitely approachable with his grizzly beard and soft smirks – Jared spends his hours away from the studio reading, philosophizing, brewing coffee, napping, and canoodling with his dogs Frankenstein and Vera.

Meet the Models: Jeannette

Jeannette is a talented jewelry designer and music lover who spends her time giggling and musing with friends in her vintage Chicago apartment.

Fascinated by various curios, some of Jeannette’s favorite films include Amelie, Donnie Darko and the Labyrinth.

When she’s not busy hopping and bopping you can find her bending circuits with a local hackers group.