News: Final Call for Hoodies!

pierogi picnic: eco friendly sir cycle sweatshirt hoodie

One of the many quirks of running a business that relies on using upcycled fibers is that, depending on the season, my fabric options can become extremely limited.

After spending several summers super stressed out, unable to find the pre-loved¬†sweatshirts I needed for my popular Sir Cycle and Ms Cycle hoodies, I’ve learned my lesson. From here on out these made to order pieces will only be available in the fall and winter, when sourcing upcycled heavy knits is much much easier. Making this simple shift will save me hours upon hours – allowing more time for creating new designs and summer orders.

So this is the official final call for all of you who have been eyeing either of these designs. I will be taking down all of the custom hoodie listings on May 5th, and they won’t be returning until September. So be sure to snatch up your order now!

upcycled fabric: womens miss cycle cowl sweatshirt from pierogi picnic

An Indie Biz: Taking a Break

Summer in Chicago: Inkling Boutique Sign "Treat Yo' Self"

Boy – is it hot outside! And beyond the naturally imposed sluggishness that creeps into my summer self, I also find that the season brings tons of distractions. Whether it’s a close friend’s wedding, long walks in the park with the dogs, swimming in the lake or festival hopping, there’s nothing like making the most of summer in Chicago!

Or so I found myself thinking on a recent weekend afternoon, as I sit sewing away at my machine. I started to fantasize about all the events, get-togethers and experiences that were taking place in my absence, when it dawned on me: I need a break!

This September will mark the five year anniversary for Pierogi Picnic, and since starting my biz in 2008, I’ve had nary a dull moment. Working full-time¬†and running your own business is exhilarating, but exhausting work! So I’ve decided a teeny vacation from my biz will do.

But with all the time, sweat and love poured into Pierogi Picnic, I’d never dream of closing the shop or website, even temporarily. So as a compromise to myself I’ve decided to put custom order work on hold until the fall. This way I’ll have the luxury of sewing up new designs when the mood strikes – and can still sell creations that have already been photographed and posted to Etsy. But what it really means is that I can reserve my weekends off for time with family, friends and four-legged beasties.

So for those of you who have been eye-balling a custom swimsuit or sundress – know that they’ll be back in production in September 2013. Until then – take advantage of all the lovingly crafted readymade and vintage items in my shop. And if you’re not currently a fan of the Pierogi Picnic Facebook page – you’ll want to “like” it soon – as we’re going to have some big sales coming your way in August for our anniversary.

And to those who are fellow artisans and creatives – do yourself a favor too – take a break every now and then! You deserve it!

Summer in Chicago: Gelato - yum!Summer in Chicago: My Boston Terrier Butter

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