DIY: Love Patch

I don’t know what it is – my perpetually dry skin, humidity-free heat, or just the dullness of winter – but my elbows have become sand paper tough and the results are showing on my sweaters. I am rubbing holes into sleeves every which way I turn!

Rather than scrap my favorite cardigans, I’ve begun to bust out the old fashioned elbow patch, but with a modern twist. Using vintage lace fabric scraps, some embroidery thread, and elbow grease (no put intended here!), I stitched my way to some swanky tear-proof sleeves that are now turning heads.

In just 15 minutes you too can add a bit of whimsy to otherwise unsightly holes. Follow the pictorial directions below for a fabulous way to mend your most beloved knitwear and sweaters to get them through the season. Continue reading

DIY: Book of Love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to reclaim the concept of celebrating those you love by skipping the call of consumerism and gifting handmade! And if your looking for something that’s sentimental yet stylish, try your hand at the pictorial tutorial below to see how you can give someone the key to your heart: Continue reading