Item of the Week: Flirty Flounce

I’m really looking to infuse more  prints and patterns into my handmade garments. Not only does it require me to develop this portion of my skills as a designer, it’s also a real challenge as it stretches the aesthetic combinations of my pieces. By adding these re-occurring elements I’m hoping to bring more of a folksy look to my otherwise retro and urban inspired style. The Flirty Flounce is my first in many upcoming ventures to combine a feminine shape, casual cotton and whimsical pattern into one piece.

What I love about this design in particular is the soft peplum flare along the bottom and how it combines with the look of the assymetrical print. The image along the top is hand-stenciled using two different shapes – one which I created myself. I alternated the colors to enhance the ‘textural’ appeal of the garment.

The clothing sample in the photograph above also brings together some of my favorite colors for the upcoming season: teal, silver and grey. Seeing that this piece hits on all my interests and goals for upcoming looks – how could I not have chosen it as the “Item of the Week?”