Tutorial: Homemade Caramel Apples

There’s nothing that beckons the dawn of fall like crisp yet rich caramel apples.The moment I see them hit the grocery store end caps I know that autumn is in full swing.

If you’re an addict like me, try your hand at this simple recipe that will not only give you the freshest results – it allows you to use organic natural ingredients – so the only thing you’ll feel guilty about is hoarding them all for yourself!

To see the full recipe view my post on the EcoEtsy blog here


Press: Featured Member on EcoEtsy

I was perusing some older press items when I fell upon this gem – my Featured Member interview for the EcoEtsy team.

It’s fascinating going back more than a year later and reading my responses. I was surprised to find that I would still answer the majority of the questions the same way today. Read the original interview which talks about my journey to owning an eco indie busy and ongoing inspirations.

How would you answer the questions if you were asked? Share your thoughts below.

Simply Lovely: DIY Braided Headband

Looking for an elegant way to fight frizz this summer? If your hair is anything like mine then you know that heat and humidity can equal only one thing: bushy out-of-control fly-aways.

An easy solution is using a chic headband to hold all your fringe in place. But finding a hair accessory that’s cute, effective and eco-friendly can lead you on an endless hunt. That’s why I’m happy to bring you this easy DIY tutorial that I created via EcoEtsy that will show you how to make an adorable upcycled headband in less than 10 minutes!

Team Player: Writing for Ecoetsy!

Do you get overwhelmed by the sheer number of sellers on Etsy? If you’ve ever been to the site and searched for eco-friendly and have found the results too big to digest then Ecoetsy is your saving grace! The Ecoetsy team is a group of Etsy sellers all committed to green business practices and sustainable products. By typing “ecoetsy” into your search inquiries you’ll have a list of guaranteed tree huggers like yourself to choose from.

In addition to providing filtered lists of goods – the Ecoetsy team runs a successful blog that helps you take the walk beyond shopping. Filled with news, business tips, recipes, and Etsy finds, the site will inspire you to take an extra step in your conscious lifestyle. And now, every month, you’ll be able to catch my Eco-Tutorials too as I’ve become an official Ecoetsy Blog contributor! Check out my first post about how you can transform your throw pillows with a set of fabric kitchen napkins! Show some love in the comments too.