Press: Ecouterre & Eco Chic DIY Gifts

Just found out that my DIY Earring Tutorial was featured on Ecouterre!!! So if you see flocks of women wearing handmade button earrings there may be a chance they followed my directions and are rockin’ some style sustainably.

Thanks to Jeanne from Vintage Renewal for letting me know about the feature!

Cute as a Button: DIY Earring Tutorial

I made a trip up to Evanston yesterday and took a stroll down Main Street. I love the feel of the blocks with the narrow street and local mom and pop shops. I peeked into Dave’s Rock Shop and perused the ancient fossil collections and bought a box of fragmented pyrite. I also swung through Healthy Green Goods to scope out their new shop layout. But the real mission of my journey lay just ahead – Vogue Fabrics.

Whenever I visit Vogue I know I’m in for a long stay. I have to block out at least three hours of time for each excursion. My goal that day was to find elastic for new spring headbands – but I quickly found myself distracted by their wall of designer and vintage buttons and instantly planned my Saturday project: new button earrings!!!! Continue reading