The DIY Trunk Show Preview













The one and only great and fantastic DIY Trunk Show is this upcoming weekend – on Saturday, November 20th from 10am to 5pm in Wicker Park’s Pulaski Field House. Pierogi Picnic will be there – in the same spot as last year – hawking our wears. Though I’m always excited about showcasing my work in person – this is the show where I shop till I drop. Everything from Christmas presents, to housewares, to clothes – the DIY Trunk Show is the whamy of craft fairs.

The secret to the Chicago Craft Mafia’s bazaar’s success lies in one of the underlying premises – all vendors must live within a 100 mile radius of the city. So not only are you buying handmade – you’re truly supporting local artisans! So be sure to pencil in this coming Saturday into your calendar as the day you shop till you drop. Until then – here’s a sneak peak at some of the new goodies I’ll be bringing.

Renegade Prep #2: Clothing Tags

Screen printing is not my forte – so when making clothing tags I always aim for minimalism – which beyond craft fairs means nada, nothing – zero tags. This must be an artist’s worst nightmare – it’s like not signing your painting, not copyrighting your album, not acknowledging the maker. And for a show as large as Renegade, this was not something I could just let slip by. So about a month ago the great new hang tag experiment began. Continue reading