An Indie Biz: The Coming Spring

the coming spring

Today is the first of March – which means we’re just a couple of weeks and a few days from spring!

Winter’s always a difficult time for me to be productive, which seems counter-intuitive, right? With record breaking cold and snow, you’d think that all that time indoors would lead to bursts of creativity and hours upon hours of sewing. But that simply isn’t so. Despite my efforts to remain optimistic, I find that winter brings a malaise and lack of drive, at least when it comes to my creative ventures. Instead of focusing on business plans, product designs and photography, I give in to the temptations of snuggling with my pets, movie marathons and cooking fatty, delicious foods. Eating them too of course!

But in these next few days the clouds will start to part and tiny sprigs of life will begin to burst from the ground. It’s a time when both nature and my creativity begin to bloom. Which is why I’m excited that today marks the nearing of winter’s end and the beginning of a season of artistic bounty.

Happy March!

Inspiration: Bringing Back Imagination

Many people lose their sense of wonder for the world as they age. It seems that as each year passes, less and less of our imagination remains. That’s why I wanted to share the following print from the blog please be stillI hope it will inspire you to let your imagination soar.