Item of the Week: Valentine in Blue

blue valentine one of a kind vintage printed blouse

When thinking about what I should feature this week the choice was easy: my hand-stenciled Polish-folk blouse.

Created using a vintage women’s top, the style of the design is reminiscent of the Polish tradition of “wycinanki” which literally translates to “cut-outs”. Looking to bring the unique aesthetic to a Pierogi Picnic design, I hand carved a stencil with which to create the print. Including the silhouettes of hearts and leaves, I made a whimsical scene that I could then transfer with fabric paint onto the front of the blouse.

The captivating back-story to this particular piece is that my first print also became my last, as my plastic template morphed beyond recognition after the first stenciling. I even wrote an article on how we as indie biz owners can accept defeats gracefully – and guess what inspired the post? This design!

So in ode to Valentine’s Day I bring you a bittersweet design that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Item of the Week: Catch the Wind

We’re in the midst of another heat wave and I can’t bear to think of wearing anything thick, long or tight when the temps are this high. So when picking the “Item of the Week” the choice seemed obvious: my Catch the Wind blouses.

These tops are revamped from vintage lightweight tops and are transformed to give each one a unique and modern twist. Some have reconstructed hemlines while others have chunky zippers sewn in. And then there’s a slew with my hand pulled screen-prints.

No matter which style or color catches your eye – one thing’s for certain: The billowy fabric and loose fit will keep you from swooning in the sun.