Inspiration: New Eco Etsy Series

With the start of the New Year my role on the Eco Etsy team is evolving.

We are doing away with the previous “Eco-Tutorial” series in lieu of daily topics by subject. Imagine what I was given? Inspiration. Perfect! I was so thrilled about the  idea that I spent an hour Saturday collecting thoughts, images, and articles that could encourage, enlighten, or excite. My first post will be debuting tomorrow morning.

Since ardently collecting potential inspirations, I’ve decided to also ‘beef up’ my inspiration series here! So expect to see more outfits, art, and imagery from around the web popping up on the Pierogi Picnic site as well!

And while we’re on the topic – is there something that has inspired you recently? Do you have a favorite blog or website that you turn to regularly to lift your spirit? If you do – please share it in the comments below!

DIY: Homemade Cheek & Lip Stain

There are many secrets cosmetic companies intentionally keep from consumers. Thousands of toxic chemicals abound in lipsticks, fragrances, shampoos, and eye shadows being sold in the United States and beyond. Take one look at the Cosmetic Safety Database and you’ll see for yourself that we’re literally killing ourselves for the sake of beauty.

For this reason I made a pledge at the start of the year to dump all of my artificial makeup and skin care products and start over with natural cosmetics. I’ll admit that January was a difficult month. I went shopping and had a very very difficult time finding products that fit my high caliber expectations. Continue reading

Team Player: Writing for Ecoetsy!

Do you get overwhelmed by the sheer number of sellers on Etsy? If you’ve ever been to the site and searched for eco-friendly and have found the results too big to digest then Ecoetsy is your saving grace! The Ecoetsy team is a group of Etsy sellers all committed to green business practices and sustainable products. By typing “ecoetsy” into your search inquiries you’ll have a list of guaranteed tree huggers like yourself to choose from.

In addition to providing filtered lists of goods – the Ecoetsy team runs a successful blog that helps you take the walk beyond shopping. Filled with news, business tips, recipes, and Etsy finds, the site will inspire you to take an extra step in your conscious lifestyle. And now, every month, you’ll be able to catch my Eco-Tutorials too as I’ve become an official Ecoetsy Blog contributor! Check out my first post about how you can transform your throw pillows with a set of fabric kitchen napkins! Show some love in the comments too.

Consolidating Efforts: Working Smarter


With a full-time job, three pets, a husband, and community involvement, it can be hard to find time to consistently pour into an indie business. Staying productive, inspired, and effective requires a well orchestrated schizophrenia of productivity that consolidates where you invest your energy. Between social networking and the online marketplace it is easy to become overwhelmed and distracted. Where should you spend your web time? And how do you spend it well?

Here are some tools and tips that I have discovered over the past three years that have helped me to use the most of my time online: Continue reading

Eco Etsy: Handmade for Earth Day Auction

I have the great honor and privilege to be part of Etsy’s most dynamic and earth-centric street team: Eco Etsy. This group provides sellers with a community where we exchange thoughts, troubleshoot, inspire and collaborate. Shoppers can also benefit – when on Etsy simply type “ecoetsy” into the search field with your other criteria – the result is a page of sustainable shops helping your hunt.

Each year the Eco Etsy team members join forces to curate an Earth Day auction where you can place a bid for a fantastic basket of goodies from our team’s artisans. I’ve also donated one of my favorite designs: the “On an Apple Tree” upcycled dress.

The auctions commenced last week and run until Sunday, April 24th. This year all of the proceeds are going to Habitat for Humanity for Japan. Visit this link to see what goodies are available in each set – and place your bid today!

Sugar & Spice: Soaphappy! rocks Chicago

I discovered Soaphappy! this past November when selling my Pierogi Picnic goodies in a local craft show. Desperate for a stick of natural lip balm, I promptly snatched up a stick of their ultra hydrating Vanilla blend. This one product made me an instant convert.
I now covet my stick not letting even my beloved husband snag a use.
Hanah and Nellie are the dynamic duo behind this local soap racket. Their delicious and down-to-earth products blend natural vegan ingredients with exotic spice combinations that will jazz up even the weariest Chicagoan’s winter morning ritual. With soaps like Jazz+Beet boasting ingredients like ginger, rose, beets and jasmine – it’s no wonder this fiesty pair is stirring up trouble at local craft fairs like the DIY Trunk Show.
To spice up your chilly holiday week Sprout Chicago brings you an exclusive interview with these two soap divas: