Press: Etsy Finds – The Long Weekend

What perfect timing! With Labor Day this Monday I thought it was grand that Etsy put out a themed collection for the holiday. And guess who makes a guest appearance? My Green Girl swimsuit! Joy!


My Designs: The Birth of a Bathing Suit

One of my all-time favorite things to do is roll out of bed early in the morning on any given weekend and hit the studio for some sewing. It’s when my brain is freshest, my eyes sharpest, and the light is just right.

With a steaming homemade latte in one hand, and a sharp pair of fabric scissors in the other, I indulge in the stillness of a morning by cut cut cutting through textiles. The photo above documents one such dawn as I hand craft a custom order bathing suit. A delicate endeavor, each curve must be done with absolute precision to ensure a perfect fit for the wearer. And what better time to embark on such a project as a crisp cool Sunday morn.