An Indie Biz: Inside My Studio

There’s nothing more intriguing to me than catching a glimpse into the studios of artists and crafters. Seeing the creative space of fellow makers always sets me into a flurry of inspiration. Which made me realize that I have not shared my own studio space.

And so I snapped a bunch of quick pictures of the nook that is my sewing studio. Below is a sneak peek into my own lil’ world of fabric, chaos and color.¬† Continue reading

Meet the Models: Jared

Jared migrated to Chicago from a small town in Ohio and now thrives in this new metropolis he calls home. A gifted painter, his¬†ghostly creations infuse viewers with both curiosity and wonder as they gaze through a fog of paint where faces peer out from under the surface. Jared’s stunning art defies his cool and friendly demeanor.

Infinitely approachable with his grizzly beard and soft smirks РJared spends his hours away from the studio reading, philosophizing, brewing coffee, napping, and canoodling with his dogs Frankenstein and Vera.

Bold, Beautiful Folk: Bombi Forest

Bombi Forest is a charming Etsy shop that I find myself going to over and over and over again.

From sweet printed tunics, colorful jewelry, stunning art prints, and cute cards – this shop truly has it all. I love the bright saturated colors and folk inspired themes. Horses, feathers, and sea shells, combined with modern shapes and textures, really make these pieces come to life! And with the incredibly modest personality of its owner, Lee May Foster, you too will soon become an addict as well!